Any progress requires the conviction to consistently pursue your own path. The Berlin-based DJ and producer Klangkuenstler is the best example that talent isn’t just a matter of luck. You also need the courage to believe in your own skills while steadily developing them. It’s no coincidence that Klangkuenstler became one of the most promising artists of the German scene within the last years.

Growing up in the southernmost corner of Germany, it was his first clubbing experiences in Munich that infected him with electronic music. Following his evolving passion for powerful drums and bass lines, he moved to Berlin in 2012. Driven by the German capital’s music and club variety, Klangkuenstler soon not only emerged as a DJ, but also emphasised his multi-faceted personality by way of his initial singles first released on his Soundcloud where he gained million of plays. Over the years, his sound rapidly evolved into a more matured sound, merging acid and trance influences from late 90s and early 2000s with energetic, modern Techno in an effective balance, as proven by his releases on his own label ‘Outworld’.


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